Victor's Easy Rehearsal Planning Form
Please feel free to use this form. You can paste it into a text file.
or check out this MS-Excel spread sheet authored by RSansoucy
In each rehearsal, you should
        practice the basics of musicianship (I use Sound Warm-ups for Band by Tim Salzman)
        rehearse the music in your show as an ensemble
        spend sectional time giving help to individual students
        practice the basics of marching
        practice the marching in your show without playing (I love making 'em sing!)
        practice marching and playing the show together.
        plan on spending some time talking about business.

How long is your regular rehearsal?  _______                       How long is your band camp rehearsal?
    Of those minutes how many will you spend on                            Of those minutes how many will you spend on
            ______ basic musicianship?                                                         ______ basic musicianship?
            ______ ensemble music rehearsal?                                               ______ ensemble music rehearsal?
            ______ sectional music rehearsal?                                                ______ sectional music rehearsal?
            ______ basic marching?                                                               ______ basic marching?
            ______ marching the show?                                                         ______ marching the show?
            ______ marching and music together?                                          ______ marching and music together?
            ______ run-throughs?                                                                  ______ run-throughs?
            ______ talking about business?                                                    ______ business/breaks?

How many regular rehearsals will there be?  _______              How many rehearsals in band camp? ________

How much time can you plan on losing to weather, pep rallies, registration, and such?_______

What is your total "marching the show" rehearsal time?__________

Of that time, how much do you want to spend on learning new drill? _________

How many pages can you teach your band per hour of rehearsal? _________

How many pages should your band march this year? __________

Now you can use my staging form to fit that number of pages with the phrases in the music.

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