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~ Because the drill shouldn't get in the way of musicianship ~
The drill is written so the students can play their best.
marching band drill design samples


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A long time ago, a client told me that when he was in the Michigan band, Revelli taught him this:
"If you want to see how good your marching and is, close your eyes and listen."
I write your marching band's drill not only so they look good,
but so they can sound great first.

Here are some samples of some actual bands performing actual shows.
Have a look and a listen.

Everything on the page is available to purchase
at very low prices on 
the stock show page.

San Jacinto 2019 - Stranger Things
Waterford Kettering 2016 - Malaguena
Bingham 2015 - Dead Men Tell No Tales
Red Lion 2014 - From Dusk To Dawn
BYU 2012 - James Bond
UTAH 2011 - Armed Forces Salute
BYU 2010 - Frank Sinatra
Carson City 2009 - Shades of Red
Spanish Fork 2009 Night Watch
Lyman Hall 2004 - Key Pullan's Natural World
Papillon La Vista South 2004 - Riverdance
BYU 2002 - Alexander's Ragtime Band and Duel of the Fates

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