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       Bands warm up playing scales and chorales.  These important excercises can help students develop a sense of tonality while learning the note patterns that are essential to playing in a key center.  One of the goals of bandtek is to help every student play the right notes in the right key with good tone and in tune.  Bands that play well have a better chance of marching well.  Nothing succeeds like success.

       To help make your band sound better we offer free scale sheets and three free chorales.  Additional chorales will soon be available in the other major keys for a nominal charge, but chorales for the most commonly played keys - B flat and E flat are free to download and copy.

The warm up chorales are arranged with the following features:
  • Each warm up chorale is easy to copy, organize and distribute to your band on a single sheet of paper.
  • The warm up chorales are corelated to the free major scale sheets also available on
  • Each warm up chorale is written in a suitable warm-up range for young brass players.
  • The warm up chorales were chosen for simple rhythms.
  • The warm up chorale project builds a sense of "keyality." 
  • Each tune stays in a single key area.  There are tonicizations but no modulation.
  • The warm up chorales were carefully chosen to be denominationally non-specific.
  • Each warm up chorale has an important place in the diverse culture of hymn music in America and Europe. 
  • The B flat and E flat warm up chorales are distributed under a creative commons license.   You can copy and distribute the chorales, but not sell them or re-arrange them.  Click this image  to learn more.