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Award winning marching band drill, custom and stock shows. ~ See the show before you order. Pay for the drill after delivery.
marching band drill design Stock Marching Band Shows
by Victor Neves

All stock shows are priced at $10 per student  or less, because your drill  shouldn't cost three times what you're paying for music.
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First year teachers can have a FREE stock show.

For  custom drill, small marching bands only pay $40 per page. With discounts, the price can be reduced to as little as $20 per page. That means you can have a 20 page custom  show for as little as $400.
NEW SHOWS are available - check YOUTUBE
See what you're buying before you order it.  

Pay for your show after you receive it.

Click the links to find shows for small, medium, and large bands. 

If you'd like to purchase a show, just send me an email, and I'll send you the drill and an invoice.  It's that simple.  My email address is

We don't carry published sheet music, so you'll have to get that somewhere else. My favorite store is  Please make sure you can find the music before you order the show.

These marching band shows can also be re-sized to fit your band. Prices depend on the extent of the change. I charge my hourly teaching rate and work as fast as I can. If you want to view or edit the pyware files, I'll send them at no extra charge.

Click the  link to see new drill on the bandtek youtube channel. 
If you see a show you're interested in, email me for a price.
The pricing schedule is the same as for the shows listed on this page, 
based on the number of students and number of pages.
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Stock Marching Band Drill
For Small Bands
Stock Marching Band Drill
For Medium Bands
Stock Marching Band Drill
For Large and Bands
This page is very much a work in progress.  It only has a small fraction of the marching band shows on my hard drive.  If you don't find what you're looking for, shoot me an email or give me a call.  I don't mind digging around in the files.
To order a show or just to ask questions, send email to or call 801-763-9915