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stock shows for
medium marching bands
(50-99 positions)

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See what you're buying before you order it. Pay for your show after you receive it.

Click the links to find shows for small, medium, and large bands. 

If you'd like to purchase a show, just send me an email, and I'll send you the drill and an invoice.  It's that simple.  My email address is

I don't carry published sheet music, so you'll have to get that somewhere else. My favorite store is Please make sure you can find the music before you order the show.

These marching band shows can also be re-sized to fit your band. Prices depend on the extent of the change. I charge my hourly teaching rate ($55 per hour) and work as fast as I can. If you want to view or edit the 
Pyware files, I'll send them at no extra charge.

Click the  link to see new drill on the Bandtek Youtube channel. 
If you see a show that interests you on Youtube, email me.
The pricing will be the same schedule as on this page, about $275 per show.

Golden Oldies

        14 pages of drill 

     medium marching band
         57 winds plus 2 sousas staged with percussion
         10 percussion 
         5 flags 

Call Me arranged by Michael Brown
Tainted Love arranged by David Henning

sample animation available on youtube
Indie Rock Hits

        23 pages of drill 

     medium marching band
         52 winds plus 2 sousas staged with percussion
         7 percussion 
         no color guard 
$325 All arrangements by Jerry Burns
          All Night
          We Are Young
          Part of Me

sample animation available on youtube


        27 pages of drill 

     medium marching band
         46 winds plus 4 sousas staged as a line
         7 percussion
         8 flags
$325 Arrangements by Conner Shaw and Doug Farr

sample animation available on youtube
Pirates of the Carribean
               - Hoist The Colors Show

        29 pages of drill 

     medium marching band
         52 winds
         10 percussion
         7 flags  

$325 All arrangements by Paul Murtha
         Curse of the Black Pearl
         At World's End
         Dead Man's Chest

sample animation available on youtube
Guardians of the Galaxy Show

        24 pages of drill ( 21 moves )

     medium marching band
         42 winds
         10 percussion
         12 flags  

$325 Hooked on a Feeling arr. Conaway and Holt
Ain't No Mountain High Enough arr. Jay Bocook
I Want You Back arr. Michael Sweeney

Sample animation available on youtube
Jimmy Buffet Show

        32 pages of drill 

     medium marching band
         54 winds, 5 sousas staged as section
         11 percussion, 12 flags  

$325 Jimmy Buffet Suite
                available from Robert Maynard

Margaritaville arranged by Ralph Ford

sample animation available on youtube

Rolling Stones Show

       12 pages of drill

      medium marching band
            44 winds, 13 percussion
            NO FLAGS CHARTED
            (but there's room to add them)
$325 Paint It Black arr. Mike Story
Brown Sugar arr. Victor Lopes
          stand still dance feature cheer
Jumpin' Jack Flash arr. Doug Adams

video samples available on youtube

Ricky Martin, The Beatles, and KISS

        18 Pages of drill   

     medium marching band
          42 winds, 10 drums, (2 sousas staged with drums)
          NO FLAGS CHARTED (but there's room to add them)

$325 Music arranged by Jerry Burns

         The Cup of Life
         She Loves You (ends in dance feature set)
         Rock and Roll All Nite

video samples available on youtube

Elvis (63 winds)

       - 33 pages
 of drill          

      medium marching band
           63 winds, 12 drums, 6 flags, 4 twirlers/weapons

$325 Music arranged by Jay Dawson

     Can't Help Falling In Love Opener
     Burnin' Love and C.C. Rider
     Hound Dog / Love Me Tender
                             / Jailhouse Rock
     Can't Help Falling In Love Closer
Music of Joseph Curiale

          - 57 pages of drill        

        medium marching band
              56 winds, 11 drums, 9 flags

medium easy drill

$325 arranged by Tom Wallace

sample video available on youtube
click song titles to view drill animation

          Call of the Mountain
          Adelina de Maya
          River of Tears
The Summit

           49 pages of drill

          medium marching band
              40 winds, 9 percussion, 7 flags

$325 - by Brian Balmages

This custom music arrangement must be
licensed by
Brian Balmages, and
purchased from 
Jacob Bradshaw
80s Hits (ten moves)
          - 12 pages of drill

        medium marching band
            42 winds, 11 percussion, no guard charted

$275 Any Way You Want It
            - Ford

Concert Set for dance feature

You Give Love a Bad name
            - Murtha

Queen Show 57 winds
         22 pages
 of drill

         medium  marching band
             57 horns, 10 drums, no guard
         medium easy drill

$275 Bicycle Race
      arranged by Tom Wallace
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
      arranged by Richard Saucedo
Bohemian Rhapsody
      arranged by Richard Saucedo
               - 62 pages of drill                        
       medium marching band
              48 winds, 6 drums, 6 sousas, 6 flags
            medium difficult drill

$325 Music by Gary P. Gilroy
Broadway Show
           19 pages of drill     

      medium marching band
          64 winds , 3 sousas charted with 12 drums,12 flags

          very easy drill

$275 I Got Rhythm
          I lost the score but arranger is Burns or Lopez      
I Dreamed A Dream
Master of the House
On My Own/ Do You Hear The People Sing?

Rock Classics Show
          - 31 pages of drill  

        medium marching band
           32 winds, 10 drums, 8 flags

$325 Jesus is Just Alright With Me
            - arr. Tom Wallace
The Horse
            - arr. Jay Dawson
Mr. Roboto
            - arr. Tom Wallace
Billy Joel Show
          - 35 pages of drill      

        medium marching band
           46 winds, 10 drums, 18 flags, 5 twirlers or rifles

$325 Music arranged by Jay Dawson
We Didn't Start The Fire
Only The Good Die Young
Air Dublinesque
Just The Way You Are
Michael Jackson Show
            37 pages of drill

     medium size marching band
          64 horns, 4 sousas staged as line,
          12 drums, 16 flags

          medium easy drill

This show could works with fewer songs and fewer cuts.
The arranger information for "Bad" and
"Never Can Say Goodbye" is lost, but the drill and
songs are built on four measure phrases and are
very adaptable.

$325 Beat It (with cut)
            - arr. Ralph Ford
I Want You Back   (with cut)
            - arr. Michael J. Sweeney
Thriller (with cut)
             - arr. Paul Murtha
Bad (with cut)
             - arr.   lost
        optional 64 dance in place
             (generic drum break)
Never Can Say Goodbye  (with cut) 
             - arr.  lost
West Side Story Show
            36 pages of drill                            
        medium marching band
            42 winds, 10 percussion, 12 flags

        medum easy drill

$325 Music arranged by Tom Wallace


Mangione Magic
     30 pages of drill        

marching band

            36 winds, 2 sousas staged with 13 percussion,


Mangione Opener
             arr. Jay Dawson

Land of make Believe
             arr. Jay Dawson

             arr. Jay Dawson

Big Band Swing Show
              39 pages of drill    

         medium marching band
              36 winds, 7 drums, 8 flags

         medium easy drill

Rock This Town
             arr. Nick Baratta      
Zoot Suit Riot
             arr. Murtha
Minnie the Moocher
               lost score probably arr. Ford
Jump, Jive and Wail
              arr. Michael Sweeney
New York Swing Show

            32 pages of drill    

         medium  marching band
             40 winds, 7 drums
             5 flags
            1 baton twirler
         medium easy drill

$325 Sing Sing Sing
Harlem Nocturne
Don't Mean A Thing
Non-Themed Show
             32 pages of drill 
        medium marching band
             46 winds, 7 drums, 16 flags

        medium easy drill