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Music Learning
Literacy Education

by Victor Neves

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      While completing a master's degree at BYU I developed what I think is a new approach to music literacy education. The goal was to design an approach to music literacy that met a variety of demands.
  • No Child Left Behind requires research based best practices in literacy.
  • NSSE and regional Accreditation requires student performance goals - often referred to as "Desired Results for Student Learning" or "Desired Learning Outcomes." (DRSLs and DLOs)
  • Music Education requires actual learning in music, as opposed to rehearsal periods devoted to language.
  • Current research suggests that performing music is a "Multiple Intelligence" domain.
Meeting those goals led to the creation of an instructional framework as well as some worthwhile warm up materials, some of which are available for free on this web site.   A set of commonly used chorales in 12 major keys will be available for sale as time permits.  The framework will be available on this site as time allows, but for now the whole project document is available for download on the ERIC database by copying and pasting the address below

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