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Victor Neves - Lead Drill Designer, Clinician, Judge
Jacob Bradshaw - Wind and Percussion arrangements

Specializing in award winning Custom Drill Design, with Stock Shows that you see before you buy, and that you pay for after delivery.

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Welcome to Bandtek drill design! Our team has performed, created, and taught at the top levels of drum corps and marching band in the North America, Europe, and Asia.

We've written drill for all sorts of bandsLarge competitive bands march our drill.  Small non-competitive bands march bandtek shows.  Big Universities including Utah, Notre Dame and Brigham Young have used Bandtek drill design.  

Our marching band drill has high general effect, is easy to teach and march, and is written to highlight the music.

Our drill design is exciting to watch from the top of a high box, or from the stands at a high school. 

Bandtek marching band shows help you teach your students music performance as motion, not just counts and choreography. 

Bandtek marching band drill is designed with student success as the focus, and that's why it makes your band sound and look great.

Bandtek drill
charts are custom designed so that your marching band has a unique and exciting show all it's own.

Bands in 26 states have marched bandtek marching band shows, winning first place  in 17 states, not because competition is the focus, but because it's not.

We've written drill since 1983 and have had a lot of fun doing it.  During that time, we've learned a lot about teaching performers, coordinating shows, and designing drill that helps marching bands achieve great things.

Each page of the marching band show also  comes with detailed instructions written on each drill chart that tell the counts and music measure numbers for that particular page of drill.  The students are able to organize the drill by associating it to the musical phrase.  That makes the drill easier and helps you teach it faster.

For bands with smaller budgets, we also offer stock shows that have already been tried and tested. They won't have the exact instrumentation, but with a little tweaking, they turn out great.

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     We chart our field shows with Pyware, and have since the mid-eighties.  Pyware provides clean, easy to read drill charts that speed up the teaching process and allow you to spend more of your marching band rehearsal time on music.  When the drill is easier to learn, the music sounds better.

     Drill charts are delivered in Pyware and PDF format.  Coordinate sheets and paper charts are available at director request at no extra charge.

      Pyware's director and student viewer programs let the band watch the drill move from page to page at a a very low cost.  Drill animation synchronized to music is a powerful teaching tool.  The end result is a cleaner, better performance from your band.

     When your marching band show is designed by Bandtek, you get my undivided attention and best work.  Your show is unique and created with as much input as you choose to give so that it fits your artistic vision while meeting the educational needs of your students.

     Small marching bands only pay $35 per page. With discounts for ordering early, score analysis, and rehearsal planning, the price can be reduced to as little as $20 per page. That means you can have a custom designed 20 page marching band show for as little as $400.   

     If you have questions or need some explanation, you can call and we''ll spend as much time as you need explaining teaching and cleaning methods, general effect or whatever the question might be.  If you'd like to send a video for critique, we'll do that at no extra charge.

     Low price, director control, music education centered philosophy and a commitment to superior performance is part of  why college and high school bands from around the world have chosen Bandtek Drill Design to write their shows, year after year.