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                                                  band drill design Victor Neves
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marching band and color guard
                                      designWelcome to Bandtek Marching Band Drill Design, specializing in marching band drill designed for high general effect. My marching band drill is easy to teach, as easy or complex to march as you want it to be, and designed to highlight the music. Bandtek marching band drill is exciting to watch from the top of a high box or from  the stands at your high school.

Bandtek marching band drill is designed with student success as the primary goal. We help make your band sound and look great by giving you the power to teach your students music performance as motion, not just as counts and choreography.

Bandtek marching band drill is performed by all varieties of bands: large and small, competitive and non-competitive, including high school level bands from 27 states, Europe, and Asia. University bands, including Utah, BYU, The University of Notre Dame,  BYU-I, and Fresno State have marched drill designed by Bandtek. The competitive bands have won first place trophies in at least 18 states, including multiple state championships. Marching bands using drill by Bandtek have had success in TOC and BOA shows, including appearing at BOA finals, but also look great from the home field stands.

For bands with smaller budgets, we also offer stock marching band shows that have already been tried and tested. They won't have the exact instrumentation, but with a little tweaking they turn out great.

Successful students and their directors have been marching Bandtek marching band drill since 1983 and have had a lot of fun doing it. During that time, the activity has changed a lot and my drill design skills have grown with the changes. Decades of experience has help me learn a lot about teaching young performers, coordinating shows, and designing drill that helps marching band students achieve great things in music, and in motion.

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